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Hello everyone :)

 投稿者:Greeceメール  投稿日:2010年 7月28日(水)09時57分37秒 athedsl-178601.home.otenet.gr
  hello ^^ my name is Marina and i am 18 years old.i am female and i love japanese-korean culture! i love watching movies,anime,dramas etc and i would to make  friends from japan-korea-china... or anyone who loves this stuff.:D i am looking forward meet anybody :) my nick for facebook is MarinaLn .....(msn : mar-filuskia.gm.8nc@hotmail.com )  


 投稿者:yuメール  投稿日:2010年 7月21日(水)12時02分26秒 KHP059138174025.ppp-bb.dion.ne.jp
  hi, im a japanese man, 23 years old. im almost finishing the job searching, so pretty bored. then want to talk with somebody, especially girl cuz i like girl!! lol
im interested in asian culture, so if we can share each country's culture, that would be great!
i can understand english and japanese, and chinese, korean little bit.
waiting for messages!!

make friends

 投稿者:Americaメール  投稿日:2010年 7月19日(月)05時09分54秒 15sosua110.codetel.net.do
  Hello my name is Beranger and i want to meet friends from all over the world, i want to learn things about other cultures specially from asia. i'm from Dominican Republic  

hi friends all over the world

 投稿者:Duanメール  投稿日:2010年 7月19日(月)01時06分52秒
  i am a Chinese girl.i like to make new friends,and to learn foreign culture.
Please contact me
my msn:ice_cocktail@msn.com
waiting for your message~O(∩_∩)O


 投稿者:AndAllメール  投稿日:2010年 6月 7日(月)00時17分29秒 lan-230-246.users.mns.ru
  Hi ! My name is Andrew (in English), i am from Russia, 28 years old. I wish to find friends all over the world. My English is not well, but i constantly practise it. I like the Japan and want to meet somebody who will tell me about your country and culture... or if you want, i will tell you about my country and city where i living now.  

Japanese Friend

 投稿者:Paulメール  投稿日:2010年 6月 1日(火)10時49分22秒 adsl-072-148-094-180.sip.msy.bellsouth.net
  Hi... My name is Paul.  I am from the United States.  I am trying to make friends from Japan.  If you want to talk to me, just reply to this message.  Thanks!  


 投稿者:alexメール  投稿日:2010年 5月29日(土)19時46分7秒 p5073-ipad201sapodori.hokkaido.ocn.ne.jp
  I live in Hokkaido. i ride my motercycle when i have time. i want to have some mail friend.  I'm waiting for your mail!  


 投稿者:See  投稿日:2010年 4月27日(火)07時17分20秒 solaria.seos.fr
  I am from France and I just wanted to say hi.  


 投稿者:mashaメール  投稿日:2010年 4月25日(日)14時56分55秒
my name is masha:)
im a japanese girl, 19, and live in Tokyo now.
i want to make many friends all over the world!!
if you want to know about japan, let's talk to me★
im waiting for you.
bye bye

Cultural interchange

 投稿者:Feltranslatorメール  投稿日:2010年 4月23日(金)17時21分21秒 cnt-09-1920.ccs.ras.cantv.net
  Hi I'm from Venezuela and I would like have cultural interchange. I can help you in your English and teach Spanish. My e mail is feltraductor@hotmail.com