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 投稿者:bensonoj  投稿日:2010年 1月 1日(金)18時17分12秒 123-240-192-65.cctv.dynamic.lsc.net.tw
  hello everyone
I am boy from Taiwan 18 years old
I want friend from other countries
my msn is  theworldbecausemehaslight@yahoo.com.tw
who wants be friend with me just adds me

Hello everybody

 投稿者:cry7stalメール  投稿日:2009年12月19日(土)01時01分29秒
  Hello!My name is cry7stal,the “7”is silent. I'm 19 years old,I’m crazy about watching animation,I am teaching myself Japanese now.I have many hobbies. I like almost all kinds of animation and I also like to listen to the music ,watch movies. Comedy and Thriller are my favourite films.If you used Skype ,you can add me, My skype name is smallorangedog,I‘m looking for an easy-going friend.~O(∩_∩)O~  


 投稿者:yuki  投稿日:2009年12月15日(火)20時01分3秒 cb8a80-076.dynamic.tiki.ne.jp

My name is yuki.I from japan,I live japan!

nice to meeto you!



where are u , pisces。

 投稿者:Narutoメール  投稿日:2009年12月14日(月)17時57分33秒
  i wanna know some japanese girl whose constellation is pisces ..haha..i like drawing pictures ..hope the girl could have the same hobby with me ...
believe it or not ...i'm only a normal and lonely scorpio waiting for the pisces..TOT..


 投稿者:JemmyKitaメール  投稿日:2009年12月 3日(木)17時21分1秒
  Ooops, this system cannot show my email address automatically.
Well, here's my msn: jemmy1492@hotmail.com
Hope to know some Japanese guys.Girls or boys, no gays or les. LOL


 投稿者:JemmyKitaメール  投稿日:2009年12月 3日(木)17時14分5秒
  Glad to meet everybody here, I like Japanese Culture very much although I cannot read Japanese character. I plan to spend my sparetime to learn Japanese... Also, I wanna know some Japanese friends if it possible. Wish everybody have a funny day.  


 投稿者:katuo  投稿日:2009年12月 3日(木)00時11分57秒 KD111104023138.ppp-bb.dion.ne.jp
  do you know manga?  


 投稿者:katuo  投稿日:2009年12月 3日(木)00時11分56秒 KD111104023138.ppp-bb.dion.ne.jp
  do you know manga?  


 投稿者:miyukiメール  投稿日:2009年11月26日(木)14時04分4秒 cm-24-121-148-252.stjoseph.mo.npgco.com
  ohiyo, i am miyuki asian-american.  ^___^  

Hello everyone!!

 投稿者:Marikoメール  投稿日:2009年11月25日(水)20時50分20秒 wb62proxy12.ezweb.ne.jp
  Hello everyone!

I am Mariko.

I am a Japanese female who has been working as an office worker since I graduated from university.

I like watching movies, traveling, eating-out with my friends and taking aroma bath to feel relaxed.
I also love studying English.

I would be glad if you would be my e-pal.

I hope that I will hear from you soon. :-)