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 投稿者:Natsukoメール  投稿日:2011年 2月25日(金)19時15分16秒 proxy30022.docomo.ne.jp
  My name is Natsuko:-)
I'm a Japanese female and 31 years old(I don't married(^-^;).
I live in Hiroshima.

I'm interested in European and American culture and overseas travel.

But not good at Enlish XBecause please teach me- English!

And I want to make a english partner:-)

I'm waiting for your e-mail!

Thank you:-)


 投稿者:POPメール  投稿日:2011年 2月24日(木)22時00分52秒 wb71proxy03.ezweb.ne.jp
  Im 16 years old.girl.I hope coming your E-mailキラキラ  


 投稿者:mazzteeメール  投稿日:2011年 2月 7日(月)02時08分18秒
  email me pls  

Hello everyone

 投稿者:mazzteeメール  投稿日:2011年 2月 2日(水)15時16分27秒
  Hi, I'm from Indonesia, but currently studying in Malaysia. My gender is male. I like anime and manga, and I'd like to have many friends also. it would be nice to have many friends. you can contact me at my email beringhardjo@gmail.com.
hope to know you all!!

Hello all^^

 投稿者:Yoko_aka_Usagiメール  投稿日:2010年12月30日(木)05時34分47秒 X201.bbn2-065.lipetsk.ru
  Hi, I'm from Russia)) I am very sociable contact me at the e-mail usagi.tsukino26@gmail.com , I'd be happy ^ ^ I am 15 years old, I love to learn foreign language when I grow up I want to become a teacher of Russian language in Japan.  


 投稿者:iin  投稿日:2010年10月25日(月)07時51分33秒
  hey, my name is iin ... from indonesia, live in tokyo now ...
sometimes stucked studying, so yeah i need a refresh .. email me k


 投稿者:plutone  投稿日:2010年10月12日(火)03時22分53秒 .
  hi, i'm a 28 years old boy from Italy. I like anime and i'm very curious about japanese culture in general, especially related to manga,anime and technology news.

I'd like to chat in my free time with people from everywhere. Unfortunatly this site's chatroom is frequented by many spammers and chatting is kind of impossible, so i just created a MSN account and will try to use that. feel free to add me (Teacup room regulars are welcome as well), here it is --> plutone.msn@live.it


 投稿者:hi  投稿日:2010年10月12日(火)01時59分51秒 .
  just mean to say hello  

find pen pals

 投稿者:Linda  投稿日:2010年 9月22日(水)22時35分47秒
  I am girl who is from China.I want to find pen pals from all over the world.I am in a middle school. And my E-mail adress is confident1210@yahoo.cn,my MSN is laiying0923@hotmail.com  

Hello everyone :)

 投稿者:Greeceメール  投稿日:2010年 7月28日(水)09時57分37秒 athedsl-178601.home.otenet.gr
  hello ^^ my name is Marina and i am 18 years old.i am female and i love japanese-korean culture! i love watching movies,anime,dramas etc and i would to make  friends from japan-korea-china... or anyone who loves this stuff.:D i am looking forward meet anybody :) my nick for facebook is MarinaLn .....(msn : mar-filuskia.gm.8nc@hotmail.com )