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 投稿者:ABOUT  投稿日:2010年 3月24日(水)23時31分45秒 218-228-138-206.eonet.ne.jp
  Nice to meet you
my name is about(nick name)
im 16,japanese male
Can you be a my friend?
skype ID:about02

Nice to meet you

 投稿者:Edメール  投稿日:2010年 2月22日(月)11時37分31秒 softbank126119052102.bbtec.net
  Hello, Naoko
I can't send mail to west.global.alpha-net.ne.jp
How should I get in touch with you.
Please mail me;npjrj527@ybb.ne.np
I'd like to exchange mail in Englisy.
See you.


 投稿者:safa  投稿日:2010年 2月19日(金)05時59分15秒 ip124-177-211-87.adsl2.static.versatel.nl
  hallo peole my name is safa I search for a friend.
I am from holland 22 year old.. I LOVE anime end manga.I'm trying to learn japanese on my spare time. I love japenes food ande movies...
vivan_angellover@hotmail.com..I am waiting for you

nice to meet you kissssss

nice to meet u !

 投稿者:RANARTTメール  投稿日:2010年 2月11日(木)03時08分15秒
Ohayou !! everybody
i'm Thai and i'm 17 . i crazy the Visual kei >< Do you love that ?

HaHaa ! in future i wanna go JAPAN . i hope i meet u :D
My MSN >> ranart.ake@hotmail.com

onegaishimasu >< nice to meet you !!!


 投稿者:Yuki  投稿日:2010年 2月11日(木)02時44分59秒 ppp-124-120-222-70.revip2.asianet.co.th
  Hello, my name's Yuki. I'm a 26 years old, man from Thailand. I love to travel all around the world. My dream is to be a creative in TBWA. I love to make friend and share opinion. My MSN is wonsaponatime@live.com Nice to meet you  

hello :)

 投稿者:naokoメール  投稿日:2010年 2月 2日(火)21時42分1秒
  hi! my name is naoko. i am a japanese girl and study english. i want to speak english well and make a lot of foreign friends. i can use skype and i live in Osaka in Japan. if you want to study japanese, i will your language exhange partner. if you are interested in me, please send me an e-mail.  


 投稿者:Scorphelya  投稿日:2010年 1月26日(火)19時06分37秒 ARennes-553-1-22-109.w86-195.abo.wanadoo.fr
  Can anyone help me? I'msearching japanese friends to see them during my journey.
I'm from france from paris and i'm 23


 投稿者:Hello  投稿日:2010年 1月 2日(土)16時57分33秒 adsl-75-45-122-118.dsl.scrm01.sbcglobal.net
  Hi everyone, I'm looking to make some friends who could help me on my japanese. I'm trying to learn japanese on my spare time so please try to help me out. I'm pretty easy going so just message me and see where we go. Message me at tsingvanno@hotmail.com.  


 投稿者:bensonoj  投稿日:2010年 1月 1日(金)18時17分12秒 123-240-192-65.cctv.dynamic.lsc.net.tw
  hello everyone
I am boy from Taiwan 18 years old
I want friend from other countries
my msn is  theworldbecausemehaslight@yahoo.com.tw
who wants be friend with me just adds me

Hello everybody

 投稿者:cry7stalメール  投稿日:2009年12月19日(土)01時01分29秒
  Hello!My name is cry7stal,the “7”is silent. I'm 19 years old,I’m crazy about watching animation,I am teaching myself Japanese now.I have many hobbies. I like almost all kinds of animation and I also like to listen to the music ,watch movies. Comedy and Thriller are my favourite films.If you used Skype ,you can add me, My skype name is smallorangedog,I‘m looking for an easy-going friend.~O(∩_∩)O~