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hello folks

 投稿者:hideoメール  投稿日:2009年11月22日(日)17時55分7秒 KHP059136186107.ppp-bb.dion.ne.jp
  Hey akira44 (I also remember you as akira33) and everybody. I don't know how many of you guys recognize me but I used to be in the chat room quite often and attended some off line meetings as well. I was a student living in Kyoto at that time. Now I live in Osaka.
Today I happen to see this page and found some familiar names, so decided to drop a message. I hope everyone is doing fine and be happy if some of you give me a message.


 投稿者:akira44メール  投稿日:2009年11月22日(日)13時03分40秒 KD125029082151.ppp-bb.dion.ne.jp

To Buzzy;

Hi Buzzy!!
long time no see.
My handle name became akira44,you're ringt.haha


 投稿者:buzzyメール  投稿日:2009年11月12日(木)19時18分26秒
  i forgot puttin my e-mail adress.
all my friends! plz e-mail me!!

I'm baaaaack!

 投稿者:buzzy  投稿日:2009年11月12日(木)15時41分10秒
  hey, brother and sister! buzzycore is baaaack!
oh, PeterPan is still here!
i guess i came this t-cup chatting room ....10yrs ago!omg!
does anyone knows me?
if you does, please talk to me in the chattin room.
i miss pris, Akira33(now 44?ha ha ), anne, MGX, taro,
MARVIE and more...
how are you all?

love you all,

I'm otaku~O(∩_∩)O~

 投稿者:Crystalメール  投稿日:2009年11月 9日(月)15時34分21秒
  Hello!My name is crystal,I'm 19 years old,I’m crazy about watching animation,I am teaching myself Japanese now.I have many hobbies. I like almost all kinds of animation and I also like to listen to the music ,watch movies. Comedy and Thriller are my favourite films.If you used Skype ,you can add me, My skype name is smallorangedog,I‘m looking for an easy-going friend.~O(∩_∩)O~  


 投稿者:ibrahim  投稿日:2009年11月 8日(日)17時55分33秒
  hi my name Ibrahim. I am from Azerbaijan. I want to be friend to the other country people . if you like it write me  

Pen pal wanted

 投稿者:Robertメール  投稿日:2009年11月 8日(日)15時47分38秒 F-154.211.hiroshima-u.supercsi.jp
  Hi everyone!

My name is Robert.  I have studied English for many years and have worked overseas for a while.

I want to make some pen pal, and practice English together.

We can also share our interesting stories.

Waiting for your mail.


Miss the old timers

 投稿者:Peterpanメール  投稿日:2009年10月21日(水)20時47分7秒
  I am David from near San Francisco.I have coming to this room for many years now.I miss so many of the good people I have met here.If near San Fran please get in touch.
And thanks to Akira and Lars for keeping this going.

How do you do ?

 投稿者:June  投稿日:2009年10月19日(月)03時22分59秒 wb30proxy12.ezweb.ne.jp
  I'm JuneNo.1!
nice too meet youチョキ
I hope English No.1!

hii people

 投稿者:Costa Ricaメール  投稿日:2009年10月16日(金)08時04分31秒
  hello my name is Luis and I live in Costa Rica, in Latin America, I would like to meet people from around the world, make friends from various cultures know I hope my friends and want to be friends